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Another Number - Number 49: Twilight Swordman


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3 Level 6 [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monsters[/url]
This card's [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url] can only be applied while it has [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Xyz"]Xyz[/url] Material(s). During your Main Phase, you can detach 1 [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Xyz"]Xyz[/url] Material from this card: This card can attack twice during that Battle Phase. When this card leaves the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?ssp=Field"]field[/url], you can Special Summon 1 of its [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Xyz"]Xyz[/url] Materials from the Graveyard.

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quite the impressive artwork you got there, as always you get top notch on that

Now let's see here, the double attack should be fine the way it is, I guess it's only OPed if you get 2 direct attacks, but that's not likely.

Second part of the effect for the special summoning. I guess that's going to have to depend on the machine type monster coming out of the graveyard.

I don't think it can be an easy set up to get Twilight Swordsman onto the field really quickly a second time, so therefore it should be ok

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