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Evol deck help


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[center]Evolsaur Cerato x3[/center]
[center]Evolsaur Diplo x2[/center]
[center]Evolsaur Elias x2[/center]
[center]Evolsaur Terias x2[/center]
[center]Evolsaur Vulcano x2[/center]
[center]Evoltile Casineria 2[/center]
[center]Evoltile Odonto x3[/center]
[center]Evoltile Pleuros[/center]
[center]Evoltile Westlo x3[/center]

[center]Dark Hole[/center]
[center]Forbidden Lance x2[/center]
[center]Forbidden Chalice x2[/center]
[center]Forced Evolution x2[/center]
[center]Fossil Gig x2[/center]
[center]Monster Reborn[/center]
[center]Mystical Space Typhoon[/center]

[center]Compulsory Degeneration[/center]
[center]Evolutionary Bridge x2[/center]
[center]Junction of Evolution x2[/center]
[center]Mirror Force[/center]
[center]Offering To The Snake Deity x2[/center]
[center]Solemn Judgement[/center]

[center]Evolzar Laggia x3[/center]
[center]Evolzar Dolkka x3[/center]
[center]Evolzar Soldde x2[/center]

[center]Any tip, advise would be grateful.[/center]
[center]I only put 1 mst cuz i have 2 diplos.[/center]

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Hi! Hope it's not too late!
I'm not the best at deckbuilding, but Evolutionary Bridge certainly is not a good option. It's better to use Solemn Warning to destroy your opponent's monster before they can attack yours. It'd be useful only in case you have a Gephyro AND an Evolsaur in the grave, or a Pleuros in the grave AND an Evolsaur in the hand. Better stick to something more generic.
Don't forget to add Najasho :)
Hope I could help.

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