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The Walking Dead


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Ok so i bought a box of the innistrad cards so i decided to make a deck with all the zombie cards i got so can some on please tell me what you think. i spent a few bucks and bought a few cards am a total noob just started to play magic a few weeks ago this is my second deck i made so please tell me what you think tyhank you

4 Armmored Skaab
4 Cemetery Reaper
4 Gravedigger
4 unbreathing Horde
3 Grimgrim, Corpse-Born
4 Reassembling Skeleton

4 Endless Rannks Of The Dead

2 Doom Blade
4 Dream Twist
2 think Twice

1 Army Of The Damned
2 Grasp Of Phantoms
2 Moan Of The Unhallowed

3 Rooftop Storm
2 Silent departure
3 Skaab ruintor
2 stiched Drake
4 Undead Alchemist
1 Go For The Throat

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