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Shazarr - Creator of the Underworld


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[center][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Hi there, I got back from my inactivity, creating my 2nd Realistic Card ever here. [size=3]I'm a lover of fiend cards, so you will always see fiend cards on my threads ^^[/size]

I stopped playing YGO since a long time, so I don't know how this card could fit in a deck. I thought that it is meant to be a monster "dominator". Also,[b] sorry for my english[/b] if you are going to read the story of the card :)

[b][u]::: !! PLEASE READ THE STORY FIRST !! :::[/u][/b]

[b][u]Story behind Shazarr:[/u][/b] I thought about creating THE ONE AND ONLY [b]"Creator of the Underworld"[/b].
Shazarr is the creator of the Underworld. He is an immortal being, which was created by an even "higher" being. From his creator he recieved these powers. He could only keep these powers if he accepted the eternal assignment to preside over the Underworld. Shazarr accepted that eternal dury.
Due to his immortality he is unaffected to all kinds of effects and cannot be destroyed by battle. This strong effect is justified by the cost of 3 Tributes and the payment of 1000 Life Points. Shazarr is greedy and will always accept that generous offer, so don't worry, he will always get summoned after that offering and will follow your orders.
When he gets summoned to the world of the mortals (to our world), he is still bound to the Underworld, direct attacks to players are weakened. He comes to our world to satisfy his hunger of torturing vulnerable and mortal enemies. He is sadistic. Because he isn't assimilated to our mortal world, he will constantly loose power, 200 ATK every Standby-Phase. Finally, only a Lvl 5 or higher LIGHT monster is able to shoo away the creator of the underworld back into his world...strong force of light is Shazarr's one and only vulnerability.
Now, I put all of these things into 1 card. I hope you like it!!![/font]

[spoiler=[b]Shazarr - Creator of the Underworld[/b]][url="http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/695/shazarrcreatoroftheunde.jpg/"][img]http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/6523/shazarrcreatoroftheunde.jpg[/img][/url][/spoiler][/center]
[center][spoiler=[b]Card Lore[/b]][/center]
[center][i][b]This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by Tributing 3 Fiend-Type monsters and paying 1000 of your Life Points. If this card attacks directly, this cards ATK is halved during the Damage Step. This card is unaffected by the effects of your opponents Spell, Trap and Monster Cards. Also, this card is not destroyed as result of battle (damage calculation is applied normally). Decrease the ATK of this card by 200 points in each of your Standby-Phases. When this card battles with a Lvl 5 or higher LIGHT monster, remove this card from play after damage calculation.[/b][/i][/spoiler][/center]

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Well, the 4000 is fine for atk since it's lv10, though I wished it COULD attack directly though

With the 200 atk drop though, that's virtually nothing. I see this card getting sent off the field LONG before its atk drops to even 3000, even without the usage of LIGHT monsters.

Also when you said unaffected by monster card effects, you should have said OTHER monster card effects

Otherwise I think it'll include itself and all that.

With the vulernability only to LIGHT monsters, this is a good time for DNA transplant to be popular again

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tribute 3 fiends AND half your LP? it's a steep cost, and the effect isn't really worth it.
maybe 2000 LP to summon and a piercing effect for some kind of cost (ATK points/send a card from your hand to the grave?)?

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[quote name='ragnarok1945' timestamp='1321999696' post='5659823']
ok so that's better

now with the direct attacks it's easy setup for your opponent to use Nutrient Z, well done

Irony or are you bad in maths?
Nutrient Z only works on damage 2000 and more, Shazarr can't attack the turn it got summoned, and next round he will loose 200 ATK. When Shazarr attacks directly, his ATK is halved automatically, and on 3800 it gets 1900 damage. So no chance for Nutrient Z to work...

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Maybe its because I stopped playing YGO since a long time, but since when do Meta Fiend Decks have equip spell cards to raise ATK up? Thats weird. I'm too oldschool maybe :D
And even if todays fiend-decks have equip spell cards...you dont have to use it on Shazarr if you fear to get faced by Nutrient Z, so wheres the problem? It seems like you just want to raise your post counter up by writing worst case scenarios which would barely occur in a duel.
On top of that you cant make a card "omnipotent". For a card with 3 Trinutes and 1000 LP cost you get an immortal card. And opponent cant do anything against Shazarr if he is on the field (except things which dont target Shazarr, but so what, theres nothing which could take Shazarr of the field.)

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