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Art Recreation Contest


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This contest is to recreate the art in the pic at the bottom of the post.

It needs to look more realistic, or anime-like in a sense. The arms and legs need resizing, the body shape needs improvement, the coloring could use some work. Well, you get the picture, it needs alot of work. Below is the list of characteristics of the pic, for those who can't define what certain things are.

1: The skin is dark green.

2: The eyes are blood red (where the white should be), and the lens are either golden or darkish yellow (I can't tell which is better, so choose the best yellow you think will improve it. Also, i want the eyes to be drawn similer to "Ulqiora's from bleach").

3: The hair is darkish purple (I tried to get the hair to look better, but was having trouble).

4: The thing on the center of the chest, slightly below the neck, is called the "Empathy Symbol" (For a better pic of it google: Empathy Symbol).

5: The yellow things on the wrists and ancles are golden shackles that are chainless.

6: The lines down his sides are greyish (I don't know why I put those there, but it looks better with them than without them).

7: The tips of his hands are black (I tried to make his hands look like hand/claws, but i have trouble with hands).

8: His muscles are slightly above average.

9: The cloth around his waist is brownish. (I messed up with the belt, the cloth shouldn't be hanging from it, it should have loops like regular pants have for belts).

10: The feet were really tricky to draw. (They should have three sharp claws and the heel goes upward like a demons footing).

There is no time limit and the contest will be over when I've decided which one looks best. Also, regarding the background, you may use whatever colors or themes you want, be creative. Oh, almost forgot, he doesn't have to have the same pose as in the art, use whichever pose you like.

The Winner will receive 50 points. The next runner up will receive a generous 45 points for hard work. Well, do your best guys :)

(Note: Please post if you are participating.)

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Well, at least someone tried to participate. Thank you for giving your time to join.

Ok, the end of this contest will now be January 1st. Reason being this contest is mostly dead and I haven't been keeping track of it because of that.

(Note: If some people don't know, you don't have to just use paint. You can draw it by hand and upload it too. Though I myself don't have a clue how that works.)

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[quote name='Pokémon Master' timestamp='1323986790' post='5709136']
Not alot of points compared to other contests. But meh... I'll join.

[img]http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/9817/picturedv.png[/img]Ok I will be suprised if this wins; not my best at all...
[/quote]I play minecraft! (See sig below)

So let me get this straight. I can make a thread requesting for someone to make art for your card, and you then use it?

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