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[Single] Reflect Destiny


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[Card Lore] Activate by targeting 1 LIGHT or DARK Xyz MOnster your opponent controls. Select 1 LIGHT or DARK Xyz Monster in your Extra Deck with a different attribute then the selected Monster; Special Summon it and place this card underneath it as an Xyz Material. During the End Phase of the turn this card was detatched and sent to the graveyard, banish the Special Summoned Monster.

Comments, Discussion, OCG fixings, critisicim? All appreciated

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well it has a good way to get an XYZ monster out really fast, so that part's good

the problem is it only lasts for 1 turn, then that XYZ gets banished right off the bat, seems a little bit wasteful

that you'd just bypass the detaching and all that, it just seems wrong

not to mention I'm unsure if the effect will even activate on that matter

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