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Any suggestions to improve/create my deck style?

Oh My Anubis!


[s]I haven't had this account for very long, only about a month. So far the site was only used for my amusement in making cards, but I always tried to make my cards at least slightly realistic and balanced. I am a [b][i][u]GARGANTUAN[/u][/i][/b] Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fan, but I never paid as much attention to the card games as I did to the actual plot. This caused me to not know how to play the game very well, but I do know some of the rules and phases and such. However, it took a toll on my cards because I'm not sure if they are even slightly realistic or balanced or if my style is valid or not.

Of course, I know that most of you do know a lot about the game and cards, so I turned to you. I don't know much about dueling style, so please don't flame me for my idiocy. All of my cards are dark-attribute occult type monsters that can work in teams at best but can also do well individually (except for the spells and traps of course.) For example, I made the cards Angel of Darkness, Angel of Death, and Traitorous Seraph all siblings. If I use the spell card Archangel Sibling Bond, it works as a sort of "bond" card, as I like to say. In this case, the 3 sisters can all attack if they are all on the field. So my deck basically consists of more than one monster that are all the same species -I have more than one of these monster team things, so don't worry- but have other monsters in their "team" that are the same species, i.e. my cards Vampiress Queen and Vampiress Queen's Servant (there are more in their team but I am too lazy to write them all down. If all monsters in their group/team thing are on the field then using a special spell card designed for that team would allow them to do something special, like attacking all of their monsters. The drawback is the difficulty of getting all of the monsters in their team on the field and being lucky enough in getting the bond card in your hand before it's too late. This may cause a duel to be exceedingly long unless of course you lose or it can be quick if you're lucky enough to get the right cards. Of course, it would be a total breeze if you have a belief in the "heart of the cards", ahem.

Anyway, my question is if my deck style is well rounded. If not, please tell me how and why. If you're feeling extra helpful today please give me a few suggestions. I request that the suggestion include something about dark-attribute occult monsters because I think they're cool. Oh and no, I am not "emo" or "goth," I just happen to like dark cards.[/s]

My deck is now under construction.

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