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the thankgiving game


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this is just a game that thought to get people into a holiday spirit

the rules are simple every three the first person post 1-3 things your thankful for but evewry three posts you paost what you want for christmas or not when you post you must add a item from the abobve list

example:player 1:i'm thankful for birds,planes,and cars
player 2:im thankful for planes,video games,yams,and pizza
player three:for christmas i want a tree
i'm also thankful for yams,bees,octopuses,and,me

zalso to make it worth playing for the last post if it contains any things your thankful for from earlier posts the person who added that gets a rep expet for the person who posted next to last on the current page


I;m thankful for tv,the light bulb, and the phone

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