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Help I can't load my pics on the cards!


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At first I thought it was because I moved and erased some pics, but noticed most of my pics on the cards are still in the same place and haven't been erased, so I posted a new picture to the card maker and hit generate but it didn't load the picture. I've tried many times with different picture and cards on the card maker but nonetheless it was useless, all the pics are either erased or won't load. Can someone/anyone please help!! other pictures from other websites such as Google, Facebook, or photobucket still loads <.<

I hope I posted this in the right section! >.<

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Questions & Help would be the correct section for this, but after checking it seems that the cardmaker is having problems with images. I suggest either using the cardmaker on yugico or the template that is provided on ycm.


EDIT: Or you may use J-Max's method on this cardmaker.

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