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Digimon - Shadow of The First, [Accepting/Not Started] (Updating)

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[spoiler= Plot and Junk] You have been chosen. Who ever has chosen you has done it because you are one of a few humans with the trait or Life Force.. Life energy is what powers mankind. It's unique traits give people the will to live and persevere. Life Force is the innate ability to harness Life Force and utilize it in fantastic ways. At age 5 you learned of its significance. Life Energy occasionally gives you super-human abilities.

Now what does this have to do with digimon? The answer to that question is to explain the role of the prophecised Chosen Child. The recent Chosen Children have all been given the Digivices as well as digimon partners to combat the forces of evil. Now you fight against the original forces of evil. To ensure victory the leaders of the digital world have sent to the human world several unique abilities for the Chosen Children of tomorrow now today. These traits are that of Life Force.

Life Force Allows the user to give its digimon partner immense strength. Of which may allow digivolution. Life force powers all of the functions of the D-Hunters.

Now digimon have been escaping to the human world however it is within a parallel dimension co-exhausting with it. It's name is Betwixt and Between. It is the boundary between the two realms and the battlegrounds of the past. While digimon are not able to be seen in the human world they can interact with it via The Between.

Paranormal investigators who believe that spirits gain power from electricity are sadly mistake. As it is merely digimon absorbing energy from the surrounding area. This also causes an alarming threat however. As digimon can interact with the human world through Betwixt and Between they can also attack it. So is the duty of the chosen children to hunt the digimon wandering between the worlds and capture them. This is merely training however...
The true threat lies deep within the digital world... With the names Adam and Eve. They are evil malevolent beings wanting to unite all of humanity and digimon. To do so they must reset the universe. Since they are binded to thier prison beneath they send their children The Angels to do thier bidding. In total there are to be 13 Angels of destruction however thier appearance shall be later in time.[/spoiler]
[Spoiler=Who is Adam?] Adam is the first digimon. It appeared at the creation of the digital world a complex back-up program of the D-Reaper. If it weren't for Adam the unique quality and digimon themselves would not exist. Which of course is Evolution to higher forms. The only true equal to Adam is Eve. The first program. Eve resides in all digimon in the form of the EVE processor or Extra Vehicular Eternalograph. This controls the respective digimon's AI and allows them to chose their path of life, good or evil. Adam is neither good or evil he is merely Code. Adam has but one evolved purpose to birth life anew. The only way to do this is with Digi-geddon. Adam cannot be reasoned with Adam is good. Adam loves all yet Adam shall kill all...[/spoiler]
[spoiler= Who is Eve?] Eve is the second digimon. It appeared after Adam to help in the creation of the new species of digimon. Together with Adam Eve took Life Energy from the human world to create the new species, the ancient species. These digimon were significantly power reduced and divided into "Levels" After this Adam and Eve sought to keep the digital world safe from the humans. At the time however the Cold War had been ravaging Earth and Adam and Eve had observed the entire events. Both of them then sought to purge the human world of evil and populate it with digimon. At the same time Yggdrasil who could see all that Adam and Eve were plotting saw that their plans greatly threatened the lives of his subjects. or without the human world the digital world would cease to exist. He also believed it unfortunate that evil human Life Energy created evil digimon he knew that Life Energy kept the digital world online so he sought an attack on the insurgents. At that time all the digimon evolved from the Eve were given the suffix "Mon" after their name to distinguish the two. The Battle was intense and due to being outnumbered and outgunned Eve Perished. However Adam survived in the form of tiny particle enveloping the digital world's atmosphere slowly regenerating... Now it is only a matter of time before he enacts his revenge. [/spoiler]

[spoiler= Exposition Post] You are dreaming. A voice comes out and asks you the following things... At the same time a strange device it floating in front of you. It asks your name and upon you saying it the device makes noises and changes color. The voice also asks you a manner of questions all seeming to be straight out of a magazine';s personality quiz section. Confused you answer each question with truth. Upon finishing the voice says your name and tells you that "The Cult is here" it then says some strange thing saying "Your Partner shall Come" The voice then ends along with the dream and you wake up. Breathing heavily the entire dream shell-shocks you in the dream there was a strange complex of colors and that ominous device floating in the air. You feel in your hand, however that you are holding something... As it turns out IT IS THE DEVICE. Scared you then fall asleep knowing you have school in the morning. [/spoiler]
[spoiler= Rules][b]1)[/b] Standard YCM rules gamut, including Advanced Clause.
[b]2)[/b] Hosts and/or Co-Hosts are Law. Follow any and all things they say.
[b]3)[/b] Either controller of the roleplay can accept or decline your app for any reason- or, during the Roleplay itself, give you a strike for any reason (or kick you, based on an arbitrary number of strikes (3)). We of course intend not to abuse this, and will give you in-depth feedback on our reasoning if and when it may come to such measures.
[b]4)[/b] This is a Xros Wars RP. Meaning levels do not exist. In this RP a Mega Vs a Champion is completely possible. As well as a champion defeating said Mega. Thus saying The previous terms shall only be used to refer to canon digimon and not fakemon. LEVELS DO NOT EXIST. Keep this in mind.
[b]5)[/b] Assume 1 Character as Max. As there are little to no intelligent Villains all controlled by me or a Co-Host. Making them... Funner.
[b]6)[/b] Changes to Canon digimon are Accepted and advised as they will make your partner that much more special.
[b]7)[/b] Fakemon are fine so long as they are adequately described, not-broken and reasonably original.
[b] :cool:[/b] All Members of this RP should be regarded as incompetent fighters for at least 2 battles. Upon their third battle they may Cho-Shinka.
[b]9)[/b] To prove you've read these rules, [b]Follow them[/b].[/spoiler]

[Spoiler=First Post guild lines] You First Post must have the following thing included:
You getting ready for school
You wondering about the dream
You watching a newscast about an Arson attack against a specific place "Hypnos Computer Labs"
Everything else is up to your imagination. Meeting your partner shall be later once exposition is correctly formed.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=App finally eh?]
[b]Name: [/b][i](In RP.)[/i]
[b]Age: [/b] [i](In RP.)[/i]
[b]Gender: [/b][i](Male or Female.)[/i]
[b]Digimon Partner: [/b][i](You know and love em. Also they're permanent.)[/i]
[b]Species Evolutionary Line: [/b][i](Basically There are only Two levels or at least categories. Cho-Shinked and Non-Cho-Shinked. Your Partner is Cho Shinked. However Armor Level is also available :3)[/i]
[b]D-Hunter Color:[/b]
[b]D-Hunter Appearance: [/b][i](The D-Hunter its rough appearance is this [/i][spoiler=D-Hunter][img]http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs34/f/2008/295/0/3/Digivice_Colors_by_PokePages.jpg[/img][/spoiler] [i]It straps onto your desired wrist and has a Microphone on the back for voice commands. it has qualities from all the digivices of history such as detecting digimon, analyzing them, Cho-Shinka Obviously, Jogress however another digivice is required, Armor Evolution, Digi-Modification, Reloading army digimon, Repairing damage to the human world, Betwixt and Between, and The Digital World, Communications, Maps of the Realms, Traveling to Betwixt and Between or the Digital World, Healing digimon, a flashlight, and showing a digamons DP or Digital Power. Also state the color please.)[/i]
[b]Digimon Appearance: [/b][i](Even if it's a canon digimon, there should be variance in their appearance form the norm at least this is advised. Describe both the forms. If you're using Fakemon, this section becomes far more important.)[/i]
[b]Special Attacks: [/b][i](Do not over power them however this is basically limitless. any combination can be used however no attack can be used simultaneously times 3 thats pretty much impossible since it will take too much energy at a time.)[/i]
[b]Biography:[/b] [i](Life Story Etc. also include what makes YOU a worthy tamer don't put though "What makes me a worthy tamer is..." Thats lame.)[/i]
[b]Personality: [/b][i](This is Very important for this will determine what and how your Cho-Shinka will act please select your Cho-Shinka According to your personality.)[/i][/spoiler]

Blackstone Dresden

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[b]Name: [/b]Sil
[b]Age: [/b]14
[b]Gender: [/b]Male
[b]Digimon Partner: [/b]Gabagumon
[b]Species Evolutionary Line: [/b]Gabagumon----FlareGreymon/BlizzardGarurumon---BlazeGreymon/FreezingGarurumon---IgnisGreymon/GlaciusGarurumon

[spoiler=Digimon][b]Digimon Appearance:[/b]

[b]Special Attacks: [/b]
[*]Double Fire (Shoots out a fire ball followed by a stream of blue flames)
[*]Edge Slasher(Uses Claws and Horn to attack enemy)
[*]-Inferno Blaze(Breaths out streams of super hot flames)
[*]-Burning Roar(Roars while firing a giant fireball out of its mouth)
[*]-Blizzard Howling(Fires a stream of Icy cold energy that freezes anything it touches)
[*]-Adamant Edge(Uses super hard claws and fangs to damage enemy)
[*]-Inferno Barrage(Fires consecutive blasts of super hot flames)
[*]-Burning Cannon(Fires a beam of energy)
[*]-Blazing Smash(covers tail in flames and smashes opponent with it)
[*]-Blizzard Shot(Fires a blast of Freezing energy)
[*]-Adamant Slash(Slashes claws at enemy and send freezing energy in that direction)
[*]-Freezing Guard(freezes anything that touches FreezingGarurumon)
[*]-Dragon Slaying Saber(Combines forearm armor to create a massive sword with flames around it)
[*]-Inferno Blast(Creats a massive ball of energy and throws it at the enemy that explodes)
[*]-Blaze Revolver(Fires out multiple bullets of flaming bullets)
[*]-Burning Assault(Fires super hot flames at enemy, is capable of melting digichrome)
[*]-Blizzard Cannon(Fires a concentrated beam of freezing energy)
[*]-Freezing Edge(Slashes at enemy freezing anything it touches)
[*]-Absolute Zero(Creates an explosion around itself that freezes anything in the area)
[*]-Glacius Blade(Throws blade at enemy cutting though anything in its path)[/spoiler]
[b]Biography:[/b] [i](Life Story Etc. also include what makes YOU a worthy tamer don't put though "What makes me a worthy tamer is..." Thats lame.)[/i]
[b]Personality: [/b][i](This is Very important for this will determine what and how your Cho-Shinka will act please select your Cho-Shinka According to your personality.)[/i]

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