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Great Escape (Trap Card)


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Boredom has resulted in yet another card. This is my first trap card. The OCG is wrong, I already know, so if someone could help, that'd be panda-awesome...


Activate when a monster on your side of the field is attacked: Remove from play the attacking monster and your monster, before damage calculation. Both monsters come back after 3 turns of being removed from play.

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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[quote name='DropDeadDream' timestamp='1322179049' post='5663535']
I only made it 3 turns because I thought it would be interesting to remove 2 cards and then bring them back once the field has significantly changed. And I also didn't watch 5D's, so idk

Well, one of Yusei's final cards was named "Star Excursion", and had a nearly identical effect. The only difference being that it was triggered when a Synchro Monster battled another. So you can see where my suspicions came from. Otherwise, it's a card that reads like it was made for an older era, when the game was a much slower affair.

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