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ok im new to this thing so please give me a break


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for the first card is a batman striking fear to his enemys fear points is like life points but the more fear points the the monster or spell card gives to its oponets the more scared there are of them


second card is one of my favorite batman villian the joker rules so i putted the joker atack and defence to a posision i think the joker is like


third card i knew optimis prime was a little too over powerd i thought the autobot leader needs to be powerful

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Guest King of Games

These are okay for a new member.

Ways to improve:

-Capitalize first letter of important words in card name.

-Use good spelling/grammar in general.

-Balance ATK and DEF with Level or vice versa, 6 star monstes usually have 2000+ ATK or 1000+ DEF.

-These would belong more to the POP culture section, as mentioned above by someone.


Other than that, good try.

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