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Deck cards help?


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That card is Reboot.

[spoiler=Here is what I got:]

-1 BTH
-1 Draining Shield
-1 Level Limit
+2 Solemn Warning
+1 Solemn Judgment

-1 Monster Reincarnation
-1 Scarecrow
+1 Monster Reborn

-1 Mal CED
-1 Granel Army
-1 Sarc
+2 MST
+1 Gorz

-1 Reload
-1 Fortress
+1 Fortissimo
+1 Chaos Infinity[/spoiler]

Find room for a tuner or 2 and try to work in a few synchros.

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[spoiler=Suggestions] - You could neg Plasma Ball and Potion to main 2 CyDra. There should be enough going on in this deck to be able to easily get out the Beatsticks.

- You could either drop or side the Mirror Force for Dustshoot. It's awesome this format.

- You could drop Bribe for another Factory.

- Put one or two Chimeratech Fortress Dragons/Overdragons into the Extra if you put in CyDra.

- If Tuners go in, you could use some Synchro staples, such as:
1x Catastor
1x Brio
1x BRD
1x Stardust
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Trishula
5 or 6x other synchros

You may also be able to sneak in a few Rank 4 Xyz such as Roach or Utopia.

- For the side, you could use some cards that generally support spamming and control.

Maxx "C" (2 if you can fit it)
Effect Veiler (1 or 2)
Rai-Oh (2 or 3)
D.D. Crow (Recommended at 1)
BLS (A good enough engine to work in here)

Leeching the Light (usually @ 2)
Heavy (Backup for the main)
Either Powerbond or Overload Fusion (Either 1 of each, or 2 of one of them)

Dust Tornado (1 or 2)
D-Prison (1 or 2)
Other trap staples[/spoiler]

Certainly has potential.

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