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New XYZ support cards (Need help on OCG)

Demon From The Void

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During your End Phase you can increase or decrease this card's Level by 1. When this card destroys a monster by battle, add 1 Summoning Counter (Max 2) to this card. During your Main Phase can remove 1 Summoning Counter from this card to Special Summon 1 monster from your Deck with the same level as this card.

Selct 1 XYZ card from your Extra Deck and show it to your opponent. Any card that can be used as an XYZ Material for that card can not leave the field. When an XYZ card is summoned banish this card.

During your Draw Phase, instead of drawing a card from your Deck, you can add 1 card from your Graveyard to your Hand. If you do, banish the top card of your Deck.

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Fairy: it's a shame it's not a tuner, would have been nice for better synchro usage

Hall of Protection: that one I'm a bit unsure on. Seems very easy to banish this card anyway, even if your opponent does nothing to send it off the field because you said ANY XYZ monster, not anything specific.

Death's Trade: this one is plain, but balanced out, don't really see anything wrong with it, you lose a card and everything as the drawback

so overall I'd say the cards are reasonably well done

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Fairy of summoning has a nice effect, but its ATK is WAY too low to use its effect efficiently. It should be raised to 1600, too low to abuse the effect, but large enough to use it every once in a while. It's an a very nice card and I can see some use in this card.

Hall of protection is OP. Show off any Rank 10 XYZ, summon an Earthbound Immortal and your opponent is doomed.

Death's Trade is rather unique and interesting. Lets you pick a card from your graveyard and lose the top card of your deck. Its overpowered because its an optional effect. This way you can recover any card you lose, then continue drawing normally. If it weren't an optional effect it would be balanced as recovering a card from the graveyard is a nice effect.

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