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virus knight


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I'd say it isn't realistic, and here's why:

1. It has no picture. You don't need to be a good artist, you just need to know the website for www.photobucket.com.

2. You didn't use capital letters. Looking at any real cards in the world you see they never misspell words or forget capital letters.

3. You misspelled knight?

4. Normally knight implies warrior, and virus implies maybe insect, and yet it's... a machine.

5. The set should not be JIE56-DFH61. Have the first bit be an acronym for the name of the set this card is in, and have the second bit be "EN" and then the number in the set this card is. In this case, it would be "EN001".

6. There's a proper wording for yugioh card text, called OCG (official card grammar). For this card, the proper OCG is:


Once per turn: Declare a card name; This card's name is treated as the declared name, until the End Phase.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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