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[Finished]Pac-Man contest(Lock Please)


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1. The contestants will post a card based off a character in Pac-Man or something Pac-Man eats.
(ex. Pac-Man, one of the ghosts, power pellet, etc.)
2. The cards can be made anyway you like, as long as they follow the rule above and do not match with an image from another contestant's card.
3. The contest will start as soon as I have 4 or more contestants by the end of the week (no less). I will change this rule if needed.
4. Written cards are accepted, but please post a non-written card.
5. You can only create 1 card.
6. If you have any questions feel free to post them and I will be happy to answer them ASAP.

1. The fee is 25 points + an at least 25 point donation to the pot.

1. 1st place gets 100% of the pot and 3 reps
2. 2nd place gets 2 reps
3. 3rd place gets 20% of the pot and 1 rep


Pot Rules:
1. Anyone can donate to the pot.

1. I will need three judges including myself for the contest to start.
2. There is no entrance fee for judges.
3. Judges will rate based on all aspects of a card.
4. No judges can be contestants, too.
5. All judges, except for me, will get a rep if they make it as a judge.

Judge's form:
1. You need to fill out this form to be in the running for a judge:
Will you try to get your judging done as soon as you can-
Are you a fair judge-

Contestant's form:
1. You need to fill out this form to be in the running for a contestant:
Will you try to get your card in as soon as you can-
Do you know how to send points-
Do you have at least 50 points-


1. Blue-Eyes493

Tie Breaker:
1. If there is a tie, the people that tied will post another card to be judged and the places for them will be based off of those scores.

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