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Yugioh 5: Untitled

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This is my idea for a new yugioh anime. It takes place after GX but before 5ds.




Matthew Collins, 13 (episode 1)


Matt Collins is an eighth grade student in Domino Junior High. He is the main protagonist in the anime. As he was walking along the interstate road, he saw someone getting hassled by a gaggle of older instigators. Matt learned about dueling in school, but never tried it. The person getting bullied (unreavealed character name) hands Matt a deck and a duel disk. Matt's deck is based on the spell card Power Zone (similar to Zure, Knight of Dark World's deck in the GX 3rd season anime). He wins the duel by combining Power Anhilator with United We Stand to take out the bully's last defense. Matt attempts to give the deck back to the boy, but the boy awards Matt with the cards and one special card, Dimensional Prison.


Cristoph Viceroy, 49 (episode 2)


Christoph Viceroy is the new superintendent at Domino Junior High. He is the main antagonist of the first season in the anime. He is often referred to as Viceroy (similar to Kaiba). This man has it out for Matt Collins. He is so wealthy, he controls a Blackwing Deck, which he uses to face off against Matt in Episode 4. Due to his unexplained wealth, the students wonder if he has another reason for working at the school and what he has against Matt. His only known cards are [blackwing, Shura the Blue Flame] and [Treacherous Trap Hole].


Jackson Collins, 17 (episode 2)


Jackson Collins is a twelfth grade student at Domino High. He is the older brother of Matt. He is also a protagonist in the series. He has a very respectable attitude and is liked by almost everyone. He is very smart and extremely athletic. He won a tournament in Downtown Domino and was rewarded with the mystical cards, the Illusionary Spirits. He is always available to help out someone in need. That is how he gained this respect. He is a prominent duelist and people know it. He has won countless card shop tournaments and is close to the pro level. Jackson is never referred to as Jack or anything else, just Jackson. He encourages Matt to always believe in the Heart of the Cards and to stay strong and stay aware. His only known cards are [illusionary Spirit Ferocity], [illusionary Spirit Courage] and [Diminishing Light]


Thats what I got so far!

Episode guides and duel recaps are coming.


These characters and names are the only locks. I am not taking plot suggestions just yet. I am taking character( with their deck) suggestions. Please feel free to add to the work and comment away! :)

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