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Adopt Virtual Tamagotchis (A.V.T.)LOCK!!!!!!!


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[align=center]Welcome to the tamagotchi adoption center

I know this is kinda copying D.A.C., but here you can buy your own virtual tamagotchi!!! Watch it evolve over time!!!



1.You can only have 2 tamagotchis. You can only get another one after one of them dies.

2.Please put them in your sig!!!! otherwise how are you gonna keep track!!!!

3.Make sure to update your sig when it evolves/dies!!!

4.you can only choose if its a boy or a girl, and if it grows into mame, meme, or kuchi family. Not its evolution, I decide that.

5.The tamagotchis evolves/dies depending on how much time you spend online.

6.If you do not pay me within a week then I will call a moderator!!!!

PM me if there is something wrong, or if you have any questions.


This is an example of the actual product, I will show you it in all 6 patterns!!!:



Cost - 10 points each

If you get to oldies, then you you will get 20 points pensioner money!!!!


Just fill out this form

Pattern:(1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., etc.)

Gender:(boy or girl)


Enjoy!!!! :D[/align]


P.S.the tamagotchi will be in colour!!! wellow is the co-owner

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