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Dark Magician Arise *3 cards so far* please rate and comment

Cyber Altair

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[align=center]Hope you like the card, as i have taken permission from the srtist i dont need to post any link so dont spam in here saying that i need to credit the artist or anything.




I hope you like the card, it's something random and i hope you like it.

Dark Magician Girl of Despair




During your Main Phase 1 pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 "Dark Magician". As long as this card is face-up you may not have more then 1 "Dark Magician" on your side of the field. If you have more then 3 monsters on your side of the field you have to pay 500 Life Points.



* The girl looks Dark and a magician and well desperate.

* The card is a good staple if you have a Dark Magician's Deck.

* The card makes you gain a quick DM but limits the soace of monsters you have so it's well balanced.


Dark Despair Magic




Activate this card's effect only if "Dark Magician Of Despair" is on your side of the field, pay 500 Life Points to Special Summon 1 card with "Dark Magician" in it's name from your Hand or Deck. Increase the ATK of all monsters Special Summoned by this cards effect by 300.



* well this card is to max DMGoD and make her more Uber Awesome.

* Yes it is officialy a new set lol ^_^, it just got out of my hand.

* well hope you like it.

* Art is by PaleDrow.

*Original Art is here.


Dark Magician




If this card is Special Summoned by the effect of a monster increase this cards ATK by 150.



* i love the effect, it makes up for the cons you can find in DMGoD and it's meant to have a total ATK of 2700 because well DM deserves it.

* I altered the art a little bit as you can see so it's more DM suited.

* Art is by SetoKakashiluver.

* Original Art is here.




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Eh.......i dont really get the pay 500 part =.= Do you pay the 500 life points when the Dm is summoned and when you have 3 or more monsters on the field including the Dm? Or do you pay it every turn while this card is face up on the field when there are 3 monsters or more?


Either way its quite interesting =) 6.5/10

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I agree all the way. I believe that this card would be more powerful, and still balanced, if you put --- During you Main Phase 1, you may pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon 1 monster that has "Dark Magician" in it's name. --- I believe that that would be the only way to improve the card. If I had a magician deck, I'd do anything to get this card.

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