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Ancient Scrap Dragon

Tymur Shayk

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[left]A great way to surprise your opponent imo.[/left]

[left]Again it is union based but not entirely, this is something to be used in a deck that contains a lot of cards that aren't too easily summoned, such as most higher level synchro's, or even fusions that require a lot fusions in itself in order to be summoned. VWXYZ, or even cards that are difficult to summon as it is within your deck.[/left]

[left]Image credit goes to Hunduel[/left]

[left]all feedback welcome, OCG check appreciated.[/left]

[left][b]Note on Ancient Scrap Dragon: [/b]Keep in mind that the effect says "GAINS its effects for as long this card remains on the field." Still being a spirit monster, it will still return to your hand. The spirit monster loop hole still applies however. (keep it on the field for more than one turn and it'll stay no matter what "This card returns to the owners hand during the End Phase of THE TURN it was Normal Summoned.)[/left]


[center]Lore: This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card return's to the owners hand during the End Phase of the turn it was Normal Summoned. You can tribute 1 Union Monster to Normal Summon this card. You can pay 3000 Life Points to activate 1 of the following effects: 1. Select 1 monster in your Deck or Extra Deck and Banish it. This card's name is treated as the selected monster and gains its effects for as long as this card remains on the field. 2. Banish this card: to Special Summon 1 monster in your Banished pile ignoring Summoning conditions.[/center]

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a spirit and a machine, don't see those mix too often

Other Deck? You must mean Extra Deck

Given that gaining all its effect can be powerful, so the 3000 LP pay is justified. Of course, then you'll REALLY need Spiritual Energy Settling Machine here

The 2nd effect I'm unsure since it applies to ANY banished monster, so it still could get broken

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That's what I was going for, but this card doesn't really last long and what are the odds of you drawing Settling machine to keep it on the field? Assuming you don't have much of an extra deck, this gives you time to set it into Defense mode and special summon powerful monsters that were banished because of Bottomless Trap Hole for ex. Key cards is what the second effect is targeted for.

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