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[center][color=#0000ff][font=times new roman,times,serif][size=8]YCM MUSICIANS' CLUB[/size][/font][/color][/center]

Welcome to the first ever YCM Musicians' Club! Please enjoy your stay.

In this club you can discuss anything music related, especially theory and technique. You don't have to be a musician to join, but you must have an interest in learning or a strong love of music in general. You can discuss other things but don't get too off topic. ;)

-Application to Join-

Please read the rules before posting.

[i]Name: [/i]
[i]Favorite Song:[/i]
[i]Favorite Artist[/i][i]:[/i]
[i]Instruments Played: [/i]
[i]Favorite Genre or Style:[/i]

[i]Tell us anything else you want about you and music:[/i]

[i]General Rules[/i]
1-All YCM Rules apply
2-Respect other club members.
3-Try to keep spam and short posts to a minimum.
4-Try to keep everything to a PG-13 rating or lower.

[i]Club Specific Rules[/i]
5-You do not have to be a musician to join, but you must have an interest in discussing music on a pseudo-intellectual level.
6-If a song/music video is particularly explicit, please post a warning stating so. This is an exception to rule 4. Lyrics are exempt.
7-NO GENRE BASHING, you may state why you dislike a particular genre, but any direct flaming of a genre is not allowed.
8-Please do not repeatedly post YT videos without discussing ones that have already been posted.
9-Please do not derail whatever topic we are discussing.

[spoiler=Ranks and Members]
Rainbow Dash


Passion Pit (Aggro)


[spoiler=Rank Description]
An owner is the highest ranking member and has the final say. This rank is restricted to the current founders of the club until when/if one or both should ever decide to step down. They can override other decisions unless a majority vote says otherwise.

A virtuoso is a member who is elected by the owner(s) to handle accepting new members and moderating the thread. This rank is given out to people who have proven to trustworthy and active.

A musician is a regular member.

Note: Virtuoso and Musician are not literal titles.

[spoiler=Current Members and Profiles]
Favorite Song-The Day That Never Comes, Metallica
Favorite Artist-Led Zeppelin
Instruments Played-Guitar, some piano
Favorite Genre/Style-Metal/Rock

[color=#0000ff][b]Rainbow Dash[/b][/color]
Favorite Song-
Favorite Artist-
Instruments Played-
Favorite Genre/Style-

Favorite Song-Hurts Like Heaven (Mylo Zylo) by Coldplay
Favorite Artist-Coldplay
Instruments Played-Violin, some Piano, held an accordion once
Favorite Genre/Style-Alternative Rock

[spoiler=Banned Members]
None 8D

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[i]Name: Aggro[/i]
[i]Favorite Song: [/i][i][spoiler='Best with the intro though.'][media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHFmangx5O0[/media][/spoiler][/i][i]Favorite Artist[/i][i]: Coldplay... was I too obvious?[/i]
[i]Instruments Played: Violin, some Piano, I held an Accordian once[/i]
[i]Favorite Genre or Style: Stupid alternative rock being to broad. xT[/i]

[i]Tell us anything else you want about you and music: Not yet ;D[/i]

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