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The "Lucky" Club(Lock Please)


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Hello and welcome to Blue-Eyes493's Lucky Club. Here you can play games, join contests, and start discussions.



1.YCM Club/Organization Rules Apply



-Warnings can be given by Blue-Eyes493 or Co-Leaders when appropriate.


-Continuous spamming/flaming of any sort will result you to be suspended from this club for a certain amount of time. If continued, a permanent ban from this club will be given.


-It is recommended that one warning is given at a time.


3. Spamming/Flaming:


-If you still don't get it, spamming is when two members or more keep on positing after one another OR when a member constantly replies to everyone. Flaming is when one member constantly argues with someone.


-Trolling will also be tolerated.


-If you REALLY want to chat, take it on PM or on Messenger.


-If caught on this thread, Co-leaders and I can warn you.


-Moderators are only brought in when this has gone too far.


4. Activities:


-Contests in this club can only be hosted Blue-Eyes493.


5. Post Content:


-Posts must be at a good length in order to consider it to be a 'good post'. Posts with less than 3 words are, indeed, spam posts and shall cause a warning.


-Pictures above PG-13 are not acceptable in this thread.


-Proper grammar is recommended for people to understand your post.


-Typing in different languages is only allowed if you also add the English translation below/above the post. A post in a different language with no translation will result in a warning.



*More will be added by suggestions from moderators or members*




[spoiler=Members, Leaders, and Co-Leaders]





1. Blue-Eyes493













Warnings for the club:


Warnings are, by far, the last thing you would want to achieve in this club. During the last few months warnings are given due to four main reasons: unintentional spamming, flaming/spamming, short posts or continuously asking for the topic. Warnings are not removed unless the member has shown me his apology in an excellent way (eg. making a great banner, contributing to club activities).


The warning scale will never change. Never. And don't think you could be a prick and get away with it.


Warnings to members:


Warning Scale:


1 warning: A reminder.


2 warnings: Close to being banned.


3 warnings: Neg rep.


4 warnings: You're banned from the club permanently.





1. You will use Lucky Charms or LC's as currency.

2. Each time you post, you must state how many LC's you have.

3. You can not lie about how many LC's you have.

4. You get one LC for every 10 posts and for joining as a member and 5 LC's for being the lucky member.

5. You also get LC's from games.





1. 1-10



1. Pick a number from 1-10.

2. I will then use the link for game 1 to pick my number from 1-10.

3. Your prize will be based on how close you were to my number.



1. One LC



1. 5 or more numbers away=nothing

2. 4 numbers away=feex1

3. 3 numbers away=feex2

4. 2 numbers away=feex3

5. 1 number away=feex4

6. Right on it or 0 numbers away=feex5


2. 1-20



1. Pick a number from 1-20.

2. I will then use the link for game 2 to pick my number from 1-20.

3. Your prize will be based on how close you were to my number.



1. Two LC's



1. 8 or more numbers away=nothing

2. 7 numbers away=feex1

3. 5-6 numbers away=feex2

4. 3-4 numbers away=feex3

5. 1-2 numbers away=feex4

6. Right on it or 0 numbers away=feex5


3. Doubles



1. I will use the link for game 3 to roll two regular dice.

2. Your prize will be based on what two numbers the dice land on.



1. Three LC's

2. Also, five LC's if you are feeling really lucky



1. Any non-doubles=nothing

2. Double 5's=feex1

3. Double 4's=feex2

4. Double 3's=feex3

5. Double 2's=feex4

6. Double 1's or 6's=feex5




[spoiler=Links to games and other things]

Link 1-http://www.randomizer.org/form.htm-for games 1 and 2 and also for choosing the lucky member.

Link 2-http://www.random.org/dice/-for game 3




[spoiler=Application Forms]

1. For members:

Will you be active-

Will you abide by all of the rules-

Why would you be a good club member-


2. For Co-Leaders:

Will you be active-

Will you look out for rule breakers-

Will I be able to trust you to watch the club while I am gone for like a week or so-

Why would you be a good Co-Leader-




[spoiler=Discussion Table]

You may talk about any of the following things:

1. What lucky thing has happened in your life?

2. What is luck?

3. Do you think there could be ever too much luck? Why?

4. What kinds of things do you rely on luck for? Why?




[spoiler=Upcoming Contests]



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