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(.Y.)(--Zodiac Dinosaurs Archetype--) 8/12 (.Y.)


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Because boobies always attract the attention.

anyways, to the archetype:
I made this quite on the rush, I wasn't thinking much, but I think they're turning out fine. Maybe not the most useful, but I'm thinking more about originality.

here they are:









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so many pics look alike

for Tarurus, the summoning effect might get broken since you can use them for synchro/xyz food

Pisces is better since you can't use the draw power indefinitely

for Virgo, for the summoning effect you may want to consider that you can't summon another Virgo

Libra is better, like a skill drain effect to a small extent, but it works out fine for the archetype

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wow, one of my lamest threads and it gets more responses than much much better threads of mine...
The boobies are doing their job it seems..

Sadly I don't intend to finish this, I just found the pictures and thought it would be fun to make an archetype out of them..
Maybe I'll add a Xyz or two later, but for now I'm done with this.

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O_o....Skill drain has new buddies...

I love the "Can't attack" concept with the level 1 EARTH Dinosaur structure. Makes for some unique plays O_o and their high ATK or DEF makes them last on the field. They have a nice set of field presence effects and with the level 1, EARTH, and Dinosaur-Type support cards out there, this just may be a tier 2 - 1.5 deck O_o. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is gonna be an interesting tech with this archtype and Catapult Turtle just may push this deck into a decent OTK.

Overall, nice concept, nice cards, and you (get my very first rating?) a 9.6/10

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