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1st cards


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I started playing when Magic Ruler came out in Japan (and Hong Kong, which is where I live), but I've been buying and collecting cards ever since Volume 4.


C: Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper (also happens to be my favourite card)

R: Larvae Moth

SR: Horn of Heaven

UR: Summoned Skull

SR: Great Moth

UltiR: B.Skull Dragon (Mythological Age version)


It was quite saddening to pull a Larvae Moth as the first ever Rare card.

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Guest JoshIcy

c: battle ox

r: giant soldier of stone, (lob)

sr: flute of summoning dragon

ur: dark magician

scr: diffusion wave motion

ult: fusilier dragon- the dual mode beast... (i still run this card in my current deck XD)

reverse holo: giant rat... (these are given out in local tournaments in hawaii, dont know if anywhere else)

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I started with the Yugi and Kaiba starter decks.

The first one I opened though was the Yugi starter deck.

So' date=' I guess you could say my first card was the Dark Magician, but those starter decks were my first cards.


Exactly the same.

Did you get Evolution or Normal?

I got Normal. =/

Then later on I got Evolution.

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