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my first actually realistic card


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ok, i realize that i had originally put the wrong post here, but here is one of the cards with a pic. (disclaimer thingy) i got the images from a few exhausting (not really) google image searches, but i dont remember the sites. is that ok? anyway, here is the card. u can see the other 3 cards at this thread:


ok, heres the card


i just took the 4 different images and "photoshopped" them together. i didnt actually use photoshop, but i used another program i have that does pretty much the same things.

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oh yeah im looking for a background and here's the effect:


If you have any face-up Navigators (see the attached link for an explanation of that) on the field, you may resolve the following effects: 1+: Decrease the ATK and DEF of one Navigator by 100 to negate the activation and effect of a card that designates this card and destroy that card. 2+: Discard 1 card from your hand to divide all sacrificed life points by Navigators' effect(s) by the number of Navigators face-up on the field during this turn. 3+: Reset the ATK and DEF of a face-up Navigator (from the 1+ effect). 4+: Your opponent cannot activate trap cards during your turn. 5+: Once per turn, destroy 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field and negate any effect from that card.


There you go. Hope this helps.

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