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DRAGON CONTEST Winners announced ^_^


Who do you want to win?  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to win?

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This is my first ever contest, whoever makes the best dragon card wins! SIMPLE!



1: has to do something about dragons

2: only 1 card each

3: only one chance to make a card

5: you will now do NOT need to donate 5 points, rule changed on the 2nd of March due to attraction to entries

6:try not to post links


contest will end on the 6th of march



1st place: 3 reputations + 50 points

2nd place: 2 reputations + 25 points

3rd place: 1 reputations + 10 points

everyone who enters:gets 5 points!





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Entry reserved. Here is my card I hope you like it:




Here is the effect if you can't read it:

When this card deals damage to your opponents life points you may activate one of the following effects:

1) Your oppponent randomly discards two cards from there hand.

2) Your opponent loses and extra 1000 life points.

3) You may select one dragon type monster from your graveyard and special summon it to the field. The special summoned monster cannot attack the turn it was special summoned.

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I'll join with this card...any questions about the fusion materials, just ask throuh PM





"Dark Sound Dragon" + "Dark Element Dragon"

This card can only be Special Summoned by removing the Fusion Material cards listed above. (You do not need to use the effect of Polymerization.) Once, during each of your Stanby Phases, Special Summon 2 "Hell Fire Token"s onto your side of the field in Face-Up defence position. (FIRE/Pyro/Atk 500/Def 500.) You may tribute one "Fire Spirit Token" to remove the top 10 cards of your opponent's deck from play.


(this card is meant to be overpowered, it's a mill card and an extreme beat-down card at the same time)

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