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new scanned images for yu-gi-oh 5d that i didn't relese you can find them here

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here's some information on the characters


Rua and Ruka 「龍亞&龍可 Rua & Ruka」are a pair of twins who aid Yusei Fudo, whom they adore and support in his duels while making fun of fate. Rua is the lively and blundering brother, and Ruka is the calm and collected sister.


Jack Atlas 「ジャック・ アトラス, Jakku Atorasu is Yusei Fudo's rival in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. He controls the "King", and is known as the "Absolute King of the Riding Duel". He fears Yusei's Genius-like dueling, which has crushed every battle opponent in his path.


Yusei Fudo 「不動遊星, Fudō Yūsei」 is the 18 year old protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. He is known for his genius style dueling, his considerable duel skill, and his cool and clever personality. He uses a Bike-themed Duel Disk.



Aki is a girl with the "Super Ability", a power that can only be used through anguish and sadness. However, meeting Yusei changes things.


just check my previous thread if you need a visual description of them.


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