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Re-done DM monsters


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Well, I decided to redo some DM-era monsters. Gave them some new pictures and an effect for those who did not have an effect. I like the red Dark-Magician just as much as the purple one, so I took the red one for a change.


The pictures might not be that good.








To be done:

- Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

- Baby Dragon

- Gaia the Fierce Knight


New updates will be posted on page 2 from now on.

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how about Gaia? i love that guy.


as for the cards the effect is wrong, here is an improved version.

Dark Magician

When this card is Special Summoned you may destroy 1 face-up Spell card on the field.



Activate this card's effect when it is sent to your Graveyard. Increase the ATK of 1 face-up "Berfomet" by 300.


hope this helps you ^_^.

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