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Alright here's how this works. Make an anime card and a card of your own and points will be given based on score. As for the anime cards. here's a link to a list of GX anime only cards: Gx anime only and a link to the original series anime only: Original anime only

Score list

8: Get a job at UDE or Konami8)

7: Excellent:)

6: good

5: ok

4: average

3: under average

2: work on it:(

1: ???:x


Anime cards are optional and whoever makes an anime card will get an extra point or 2, depending on the picture. Finally I'm only doing this for 2 reasons: I can't think of any card ideas and anime is just for fun. Post the cards here and I'll PM you on how many points you get.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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