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D.P.L's Contest: February

Da Pokemon Lord

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Well...#3 actually. This is my third contest but the other 2 died. So I'm restarting again. Feels good. I will host a contest every month. Each month will have a different theme and different prizes. So if you want the most out of it, enter the contests!


This month's theme is:

Upgrade and Support


That's right! Your job is to create 1 Normal Monster Card, 3 Effect Monster Cards, 2 Spell Cards, and 1 Trap Card. That is a total of 7 cards. Here is the catch: 1 of the effect monster cards MUST be an evolution or upgrade of the Normal Monster Card. The Effect MUST say that the card may only be SPECIAL SUMMONED by removing from play the card equipped with a Spell Card. The Trap Card must also support the cards.



  • No stealing other people's cards.
  • Give credit to the owner of the pic.
  • No flaming.
  • Do not ask questions on here. Any questions you have, please PM them to me.
  • You may reserve entries.
  • No white backgrounds on cards. No black-and-white pics either. I want to see full color.
  • After the deadline has passed, you may not submit your cards. If you do, I will neg rep you.



  • Pic-25%
  • Effect-25%
  • Usability-40%
  • Name-10%


Here are some examples. YOU MAY NOT USE THESE CARDS!



This is the Normal Monster Card for the contest:



This is the Spell Card to Equip the Normal Monster Card with:



This is the upgraded or evolved form of the Normal Monster Card:



These are the other 2 Effect monsters that work with the upgraded version of the Normal Monster Card:



This is the other Spell Card that works with the upgraded form:



This is the Trap Card:



NOTE: The card should say that for each additional attack, you must pay 500 Life Points, not 200.



You see, all of the cards must be related to one another somehow. This does not mean that you shouls use Machine-Type monsters. You may use any monster type you wish, as long as it fits my format.




1st Place- 2 Reps, 10 Points and a custom-made card by me to your specifications

2nd Place- 2 Reps and 5 points

3rd Place- 1 Rep and 2 points

Honorary Mention- 1 Rep


Okay! You have what you need! The contest ends on February 29, 2008, Pacific Timing. Good luck to all contestants!


DISCLAIMER: I do not take credit for the pics on each card. I give full credit to the pic's respective owner. I have only used the pics to improve the overall quality and effect of the cards.

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