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Rep and points up for Grabs (click if you entered!)

dark sanji

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Ok you need to make at least 2 cards 1 monster and 1 spell.


The rules: you dont need to Holo cards (you will not get higher marks)

no more than 5 people can enter




1st:30 points 3 reps

2nd 10 points 2 rep

3rd 1 rep


People who have entered






6)LEE01 (shouldn't be there but i feel kind)

Contest ends 1st march ^_^

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ok thx


Edit: here are my cards.



This picture is made possible by Celesse

It's effect:

The tributes of this card must have 0 Attack and Defence. This card cannot be destoyed in battle. Make all battle damage involving this card 0. After damage calculation you can take control of the monster that attacked this face-up card. You can tribute one monster on your side of the field with 0 Atk and Def to raise this cards attack by 1000. If this card has 2000 attack or more it's other effect is negated.



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