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A "Reason" for Darkness


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New Deck Idea. Post constructive criticism.


Monsters [20]


Yubel [3]

Yubel - Terror Incarnate [2]

Armageddon Knight [3]

Snipe Hunter [1]

Mystic Tomato [2]

Doom Shaman [2]

Regenerating Rose [3]

Lonefire Blossom [2]

Gigaplant [2]


Spells [10]


Swing of Memories [2]

Monster Reborn [1]

Pot of Avarice [1]

Mystical Space Typhoon [1]

Shrink [1]

Heavy Storm [1]

Reasoning [2]

Monster Gate [1]


Traps [10]


Dark Bribe [2]

Dust Tornado [3]

Mirror Force [1]

Torrential Tribute [1]

Dimensional Prison [3]


I decided to combine Gigaplant Swarm with Yubel. Regenerating Rose can be Special Summoned by Gigaplant, Reasoning, Monster Reborn, Monster Gate, and Lonefire Blossom. With 4 Gemini monsters in this Deck, Swing of Memories will not be a dead draw. I don't know if Dark Bribe is semi-limited, so I am only running two right now. I thought of adding Dark Armed Dragon, although it doesn't go with the Deck's theme.


Should I add Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare?

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