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inferno dx1

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this is my new aggro deck, i updated it since my last tournament, plz give me feedback and ( or ) improvments


tribute monsters x5granmarg x1

zaborg x2

mobius x1

raiza x1



monsters x17


wildheart x2

breaker x2

hydrogeddon x3

slate warrior x1

bazoo x1

snipe hunter x1

marshy x1

spear dragon x1

don zaloog x1

chiron the mage x1

d.d assailant x1

exiled force x1

tribe infecting virus x1


spells x14


snatch steal x1

swords of revealling light x1

giant trunade x1

monster reborn x1

butterfly dagger elma x1

heavy storm x1

change of heart x1

nobleman of crossout x1

pot of avarice x1

lightning vortex x1

back 2 square 1 x1

fissure x1

pot of greed x1

mst x1


traps x8



negate attack x1

solemn judgment x1

sakuretsu x2

torrential tribute x1

forced back x1

bottomless trap hole x1

magic cylinder x1


this is of course beginners format

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