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All this ruckus in weather and Mother Nature...a loop.


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First something like a winter blizzard (by Artic and/or Global Warming(Not realy)), then it chains to cooler waters leading to less storms and giving it then a dry region (Warm an Cold Front together equal storms) , leading to fires that cause black outs that create panic and also react to catalyst (Also landslides) earth plate tectonics (varies in region) and then leading to earth quakes to make tsunami and then a loop of other events...it kind of makes sense really...but it also balances some stuff that are general to us. So I suggest we take some time to consider that there are some reactions equal to ours...in this case pollution. Mother Nature somehow pays back and does her job pretty good. But enough of this for now...what do you think...of this...


Can you make a loop? It's really simple.

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