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Elemental Hero Wild Armouress

Chaos Impact™

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Hi guys sorry about the rubbish name for this card couldn't think of anything else hope you like the pic, so hope you like it!




[align=center]E-hero Wildheart + E-hero Woodsman.

This card cannot be attacked by a monster with the attributes of either EARTH, WATER and AIR. When this cards ATK is lowered by the effect of a effect you may select one monster from your hand, special summon it, then that card gets the effect.[/align]

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Guest Chaos Pudding

... Are you serious? It's WIND, not AIR. The effect is overpowered, if I am reading it correctly, which I'm probably not, because of all the OCG errors. And, in any case, you forgot to source your pic. It is pretty, though...



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