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Yugioh: ¡256!


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Chapter 1: What Are The Odds?


Joe got up from his bed and looked around his pretty messy room, waiting for this paragraph, which was only written for back-story, to end. His room was average, and so was he. Brown hair, brown eyes, caucasian, average height, average weight, and the radioactive powers to complain. Today had a chance of being a big day, so he dressed for success, worn jeans, a Hendrix shirt, and sneakers.


"Yeah Dave, I'll be there." he muttered to his cell. He shoved his deck in his holder(never leave a house in a yugioh story without your cards), and equipped his duel arm.


What was happening today? A country wide tourney, containing 256 people, and narrowing down to 1 lucky winner, who was set for life with the cash prize. The sing-ups were today, and 1000 people from each district were coming to register. An estimated 100,000 would be in it, and various tests would be done, bringing the people to their tourney count of 256.


When Joe was a few blocks away, he met up with Dave. Dave was sort muscular, had kind of frizzy blonde hair(but not extreme anime spikey), and always wore a backwards hat, baggy shorts and a loose sweatshirt, exposing his hairy lower neck and lower legs.


"Dude" Joe said,"I can't believe you got me into this. The only reason I'm doing this is because the places near 1st are at least decent with the rewards. If I can get that far."


"Don't worry, man, the prizes get better the further into the tournament you go. Just making it to the 256 gives you a nice amount of moolah."




A giant 999 floated above the entrance docks. One more contestant could register, and the place would be full. Dave and Joe looked at each other, and started sprinting towards it. Suddenly, an obese kid with a bowl-cut and extremely weird clothing that screamed freak stopped them.


"Hold it, punks, only one more person can get in here! And that's gonna' be my friend!" he shouted.


"Uh, you can't stop us, at least one of us has the right to go in." Dave replied.


The kid knew he was right, but wanted his pal with himself. He thought for a bit, and responded,"Then we'll settle this!"


"Lemme' guess, with our cards?" asked Joe in a languid way.


The kid snickered. "Duh! If you win I'll resign and let you two in. If you lose you two can't sign up!"


"I should take this punk." stated Dave, readying his duel disk. "I haven't used my soldiers for awhile."


"And it's too late!" said Joe, jumping in front of him and activating his duel disk.




Joe: 8000

Kid: 8000


The challenger drew 5 cards, and Joe drew 6, signally himself going second. Joe's adversary smiled: luck was in his favor.


"Go, Luster Dragon!"


A giant shining dragon appeared in front of the over-weight chump, and let out a threatening roar.


ATK: 1900


"Your turn, if you aren't too scared to make one!"


"That didn't succeed in scaring me, if you wanna' know." Joe sighed. He looked over his hand. "Go, Vile Villain Robber!"


A sneaky looking man covered in complete black, with a bag over his back appeared. He gave shifty eyes and stared at the Joe with a look of plea on his face.


ATK: 800


"No dude, you aren't tribute fodder, calm down…I activate Grand Heist!"A continuous spell card with a picture of Robber running away from a bank with a full loot sack appeared in front of Joe."Now, Vile Villain Robber, use your ability and attack him directly!"


The robber charged forth, straight towards the kid with much gusto, gave him a big slap, and happily trotted back.


Kid: 7200


"That's not all!" Joe informed him. "My card, Grand Heist, allows me to destroy a monster card you control when a "Villain" card I control attacks you directly!" Luster dragon turned into a pile of loot and fell into Robber's sack. The monster smiled at his reward. "I set a card and end my turn!"


"My dragon was just a test to see what you had on you! And now I avoided my behemoth being harmed! Go, Gene-Warped Warwolf!" A giant wolf with various distorted features, bulging veins, and robotic enhancements appeared."Now I equip him with Axe of Despair!" The being growled and grabbed a demonic axe which appeared in front of him.


ATK: 2000+1000=3000


"Attack that robber, Warwolf!"


The wolf rushed Joe's monster and swung with his axe, but Vile Villain Robber swayed and dodged, causing the attack to hit Joe instead.


Joe: 5000


"What? I attacked your monster, not you!"


Joe motioned to his activated trap card, which showed Vile Villain Robber holding a gun to a person's head as cops cornered him. "It's called Hostage Crisis, and it lets me make an attack against a "Vile Villain" monster become a direct one!"


Dave wasn't too pleased. The trap only made him take more damage. Joe drew a card. "I play a second Vile Villain Robber!" Joe declared, as another crook came out and high-fived his partner. "Now I tribute my first one to special summon "Diabolical Villain Espionage Master!" The first robber pulled out a button and pressed it. He became engulfed in darkness. A moment later, he emerged, clad in spy gear.


ATK: 1600


The foe gulped. Joe gave slight smile. "Attack him directly, robber!" The robber did as he was told, and once more slapped his adversary. The wolf turned into cash, leaving his axe behind, and went into the robber's sack. "Go, Espionage Master!" The infiltrator sped towards the child and slashed him with a dagger, then vanished and appeared beside Joe.


Kid: 4800


"No way will that sorry combo keep me down!" the boy jiggled and drew a card. He laughed out loud, he was the theatric type, I guess. "Come forth Gemini Elf!" Two twin elves appeared in front of the kid.


ATK: 1900


"Now go, Mystical Space Typhoon, destroy Hostage crisis!" A vortex appeared in front of Joe's card and swept it away. "Robber can't escape now, so destroy him, Gemini Elf!" One Elf began chanting and weakened the thief, well the other snuck behind and finished him. The now formidable foe jiggled once more as he laughed. "Hah! and now you can't attack me directly to get rid of her!"


Joe: 3900


Joe gave him a warped compliment. "That move would've been good if I didn't have my Espionage Master." He sighed and drew a card. "Anywhoo, I play Vile Villain Burner!" A man dressed in a black and red costume with long black hair appeared, and created two flames from his hands.


ATK: 700


"Espionage Master, attack him directly!"


"What?!" the boy flipped out, obviously, he had nothing more than cards to play with in his free time, that and candy. The spy threw out a smoke grenade, covering the arena. The elves were caught off guard, and Joe's monster slept through the chaos and slashed the kid. The elves continued to turn into jewels through Grand Heist's effect, and Espionage Master gladly took them, while Burner shot two direct fireballs. Through his effect, he dealt double damage.


Kid: 1800


"That's right, Espionage Master can do that!" Joe pointed to the Robbers in his grave. "If Espionage Master is special summoned through tributing them, he too can attack ya' directly."


"Lucky move! Now it's time for some actual skill!" the child alerted his opponent. "When I control no monsters, I can special summon Evil Hero - Infernal Prodigy! And I tribute him to summon Summoned Skull! Go, Skull, finish off Espionage Master, and his last hopes of winning!" His monster zoomed off and momentarily became lightning, breaking through Espionage Master. The villain met his match, and coughed up blood as he fell to the ground, a gaping hole in his stomach.


"See ya."said Joe as the master burst into pixels. "I draw…and activate Dark Rewards! I destroy a "Grand Heist" I control, to draw 1 card for each one destroyed through it's effect!" The jewels, cash and coins manifested into Joe's deck as cards. He drew them all. "Now I tribute Burner to play Diabolical Villain Pyromaniac!" Burner caught completely on fire, but walked out alive, as a burning monster.


ATK: 1300


Before the obese competitor could comment, Joe quickly resumed his turn. "Now I play Playful Villain Jerk!" A kid with an angry expression came onto the field, looking around angrily.


ATK: 400




"Faaaaaaaaaaat."Joe retorted. He was sick of this kid's attitude and wanted to end things quickly before someone else came and took him and Dave's spots. "Pyromaniac, do your thing!" Before Summoned Skull could react, he was instantly burned to ashes. " You take 300 damage from that. Now, since Pyromaniac was special summoned by Burner's effect, he can attack this turn, and I'll have him and Jerk do just that, ending this duel!"


Kid: 0


The boy quickly stared at them, and then began running for the registration booth. He might have gotten away, but his girth brought him down, and Dave and Joe casually strolled by him.


"Finally, we made it." said Dave. "That was harder than I thought it would be."


"Yeah, I guess." Joe looked at the giant boat they would soon be going on. "But it'll be worth it."


A tall man with whit hair and sideburns stood on top of the boat. "Welcome, contestants." he addressed to the many people there. "I am Proctor Checker. Try to enjoy my company, because you may only be with me for a matter of moments."

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Chapter 2: Stalemate Isn't An Option


The cruiser held more than 1,000 people: The contestants and about 30 crew members, yet functioned quite well as it sped across the sea. People relaxed at the snack bar, swam in the pool, or just chilled and dueled retro style(giant holographic explosions attract crowds) and watched the scenery. Dave and Joe watched the islands go by at the back of the boat.


"Look at that whale!" a kid in a leather jacket with black and red streaked hair who obviously thought he was the man called out as he pointed to an empty area.


"What's all that about?"wondered Dave. "What person would attract that kind of false attention?"


"Oh my jeeesums! Where did you see the whale?!" yelled a man who ran over to the scene. The man was the president of the Whale fan club at Joe and Dave's school, and he was currently in a giant whale suit.


The kid snickered at his comment before he replied,"You'll sleeping with them, that's all I know!" He continued to give the whale fanatic a blow to his stomach with his knee, and finished things up by flipping him overboard.


"What the-"cried Joe before the censors interfered. "Why did you just do that, we're like 20 feet elevated and in the middle of the ocean, he could die!"


"Meh."said the murderer, Jack, as he tried to strike a pose. "It…eliminates the competition…"


Dave sighed,"Not cool at all man, you're just an ass." He raised his fists, but was cut off by an announcement which rang out throughout all the speakers.


"Attention, duelists." Checker's voice echoed throughout. "All contenders please report to the center room…or be eliminated." The three went different ways to their destination.


Everyone had gathered in the center, sitting on fancy tables which complemented the gold sorroundings. Checker walked up to the center, accompanied by a few judges. He held up his hand, and the quick and obedient quited down, the others following. Except for Jack, who continued talking to the people around him, who obviously hated him.


"This tournament was larger than expected, people." the strict proctor announced. "Out of our 10 points, which each could hold a maxium of 1000 entrees, we had a total of 10,000. But now, that number is 9,999."


He paused and let people take it in. "No one cares, old man!" shouted Jack, who looked at the others at his table and laughed. They simply shook their heads and sighed.


Checker eyed Jack before continuing,"Someone fell off our cruiser today, only a few moments ago. He was retrieved by our staff and will live, but through a long rehabilitation."


Silence fell, most pitying the injured man, a few geeks pitying the soaked deck. Jake was halfway through a crappy diss, when Checker finally called him out.


"Enough!"he shouted. Most people were taken aback, but Jake retained what trace amount of cool he had.


"What can you do?"


"I'll show you, whelp!"the proctor replied, readying his duel disk. Everyone became excited. "Up for a challenge, brat? If this is a stalemate by the time we reach the island, nothing happens. If you win this challenge duel, you win this tournament automatically, everyone leaves! If I win, you are out of the tournament!"


This brought up much debating, and shouting. Jake laughed,"Old man, it's on!"



Checker: 8000

Jake: 8000


"I set a monster and a trap! Turn end!"declared checker. It was then that Jake noticed. Checker's duel disk wasn't a duel disk at all, it was a sort of table…


"Weird duel disk you have, for a weird guy…hahahhahaha"Jake drew his card and immediately brought it to the field." Backstabbing Hyena, an anthropomorphic hyena, took the stage with a wild howl followed by a laugh. "It doesn't matter if your monster is in defense, my monster deals damage equal to a monster's attack whenever he destroys one! So do just that, my monster!"


ATK: 1300


The hyena rushed towards his prey and slashed at it viciously. "Mistake #1, rushing this duel when you could try to hold out against me!" the proctor declared as an image of a chess piece configured in front of him. "You've tried to strike down my Chess Piece - White Pawn!"


DEF: 400


"Yet it's killed, and you lose 300 for its attack, fool!" Jake alerted Checker of his grasp on the situation.


"Not quite…I activate my trap card "Marble Set"! All Chess Piece monsters gain 1000 defense for this turn only!"


Jackal's Attack: 1300

Pawn's Defense: 1400






Cheers rang out as the minimal amount of life points decreased from Jake's count. The main importance of that retaliation was seeing how well Checker could act to a situation, and everyone saw that he led Jake into that.. "I draw, and tribute my Pawn to set a monster. Your turn." Checker set another card onto his table disk, and waited for his opponent to make his next assault.


"You probably think you're tough, but 100 is nothing, watch this move!" the psycho drew a card. He grinned and set it in the spell and trap zone. "Come forth, Backstabbing Eagle!" A 100ATK point and villainous eagle flew down and gave a shifty eye to the hyena. "When he attacks you directly though, watch out, because the attack can't be stopped and deals 2000 damage as long as I destroy a monster besides him on my End Phase. I also equip my Hyena with "Betrayal Claws". It increases his attack by 1000, as long as I destroy a different monster I control at the End Phase. Now, this seems harsh, so I use Standstill." A card of different Betrayal monsters looking at each other appeared before Jake.


"It's effect being"questioned Checker.


"Quiet oldy, it makes it so I don't have to tribute any "Betrayal" monsters at the End Phase of my turn!" With that, the opponent signaled, and the hyena lunged at his face-down target with his new, dangerous, claws.


Hyena's Attack: 2300


"Yeah!"the crowd cheered out.


Chess Board's Defense: 3000


Jake: 7200


"You consider that small damage as well?"taunted Checker as he drew. "I activate the card Chess Game!"


"That's-"before another word could be tossed, Chess Board grew until he covered the entire arena. Jake looked down in horror. "What did you do?!"


"Allow me to explain."the proctor cleared his throat before going on. "With the card Chess Game, I moved Chess Board into the Field Card Zone. However, he is treated as a monster nonetheless. That allows me to control 6 monsters, and this card keeps you from activating any field spell cards, and cannot be destroyed through effects, spells, or traps! Further more, Chess Board can only be declared as an attack target when I control no monsters, and is destroyed through battle, though you'll need a 3100 or higher attack monster to do it. If I only control Chess Board, you also have the option to attack me directly."


"Not so scary now that I know how dumb it is."the kid laughed at Checker.


But Checker only laughed back himself. "I play Chess Piece - Black Pawn in attack mode." A darkened counter-part of the previous pawn came forth.


"Hey, why is he on your second monster square?"


"Because when Chess Board is in the field card zone, we can choose which slot to put our monsters in! Now I use my pawn's special ability!" Immediately the piece came to life. "Once during the battle phase, I can destroy a monster to the left or right of him!"


"Nice!"said Joe.


"This guy is pretty good, but what do you expect? It's not like they'd have a card hating person be a tourney proctor." replied Dave.


The pawn took out a lance and charged the hyena. It was cut to pieces, and broke into pixels. "Originally, I couldn't attack with my pawn after using that move."the proctor informed his opponent. "However, my pawn allows me to attack twice, or use its special and make an attack the first battle phase it attacks." With that, the pawn charged forth and pierced the eagle.


Jake: 7000


"Hah!"the boy's laugh penetrated through the smoke which enveloped him as his hawk blew up. "I draw, and activate Shaky Alliance! Instead of Normal Summoning, I can special summon two level two or lower backstabbing monsters! I bring two Backstabbing Boars to the field!" Gruesome boar beasts filled monster slots 4 and 5 in Jake's area. "They can't attack this turn, yet they each deal 500 damage when special summoned! Your turn!"


Backstabbing Boar's ATK: 500

Checker: 7000


Checker drew a card. "I activate Pawn Break, which allows me to tribute a pawn to special summon a black and white pawn from my deck!" The black pawn split in two, the white pawn landing on monster zone 1, the black one in zone 4. "Now I play White Rook in monster zone 5!" A giant statue came forth onto the field."


ATK: 900


Before Jake could react, a flurry of combos were unleashed. First, the rook crashed into a boar, killing it. Then a pawn used its ability to destroy the other boar, and attacked his target directly. The other pawn attacked twice, each being a direct one.


Jake: 5700


Once more the people cheered for Checker. His adversary growled as he drew his card. "I activate From The Darkness! I pay 2000 points to special summon any backstabbing monster from my deck!"


Jake: 3700


A panther emerged from nowhere, and gazed at the audience. "He can't attack this turn, and that brings me to my End Phase. However, he should be destroyed through From The Darkness' effect. But I use my Backstabbing Panther's effect, and pay 700 life points to negate that effect." A Backstabbing Eagle came from nowhere and attempted to murder the Panther. The Panther slit his throat, and quickly threw him towards Jake.


ATK: 1700

Jake: 3000


"Thank you for having such a dirty deck, which works with your monsters destroying one another. It really makes things easier for me." Checker drew a card. "I activate the continuous spell card known as Chipped Board!"


"Once more, I'll say it, stupid!"


"Really, do you have the power to decrease your Chess Board's attack by 500 in order to destroy up to two "Chess Piece" monsters?"


"Two negatives don't make a right in this case, idiot!"


"In this case they do!"Checker shouted back, immediately silencing Jake. A piece of the field broke off, bring the black and white pawn with it. "Now, when a black and white pawn are sent to the field through Chipped Board's effect, I can special summon, from my fusion deck, morphi-chess!" A half-white half-black pawn came out of the darkness.


ATK: 1300


"Now I use "Grave of Tools", allowing me to draw a card for each pawn in my grave, up to 3." Checker drew accordingly. "Now, since I'm tributing a Chess Piece monster, I only need one for this tribute. Come out, Chess Piece - Valiant King!" A great, stone king burst through from the rook. "He may only have 2100 ATK now, but I activate "Royal Scepter", allowing me to increase his ATK by 1000! Attack that Panther!"


"Sorry!"Jake intervened. "I can remove any number of Backstabbing monsters in my grave from play to increase my Panther's attack by 500 for each until the end of the turn he's attacked if I destroy him at the End Phase of this turn!" Suddenly, the Panther activated a skull necklace he wore. It began glowing, and souls of four creatures came out. They assisted the Panther, the fight seemed to turn.


ATK: 3200


"Please, don't be sorry! I use the quick-play card,"Ying-Yang Pawn", which has me remove from play a black and white pawn from my grave to negate increases or decreases to attack and defense this turn!" Two pawns began glowing from the graveyard. A Ying-Yang symbol appeared above them. The Panther's spirits faded away, and the King's scepter lost its glowing hue.


King: 2100

Panther: 1700

Jake: 2600


Perhaps now Jake caught on, he should've stalled. But they were nearing the island, and would be there in a matter of moments. He still could. After all…"That Morphi-Pawn can't deal enough damage, so I live on, old fool!"


"He can attack twice in a battle phase."muttered Checker.


"Whu-whu…"Jake uttered in reply, with no sense of despise, just shock. The images faded, and he simply stood there. Checker watched as his duel-chess board once more folded onto his arm, and walked away. They had reached the island, and before they even got there two students were eliminated. One through the wrath of Checker.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

MUAHAHA!! Serves him right, old git. Everyone knows chess owns all. Good update. I like how you don't use script format. Keep up the good work!

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Chapter 3- "Cameoflauge" Duel!


The beach had a pretty nice view, people might of enjoyed it if they weren't worrying about what surprise would be in store for them. The sand shifted as Checker's heavy boots made their way to grass, which, further up along the way became forest. He cleared his throat, and waited for the minute amount of murmuring there was to cease before beginning his announcement, "Everybody…I would like to let you know what we shall now go through…free time!"







Questions filled the air, but stopped after Checker raised his hand as a motion to silence them. "During this free time you can duel. For half an hour exactly, and any duels on the dot will be ceased. You must accept any challenge, and if you win the duel, you have the option of eliminating the person from the tournament…begin!"


Dave turned to Joe as people began springing to action and beginning battles with others. "Wanna' stretch out a duel to be safe?" he asked.


"Uh, yeah, I don't really trust you."Joe replied.


"Fine, let someone who doesn't know you kick your ass and kick you off the tournament…"Dave turned and walked over, looking for an opponent.


Whatever, now it's time for my plan, thought Joe. He frowned. "Aw man, I'm out, now I have to go to the boat…"he slowly walked towards the cruiser, a few of the slow people laughing at his expense. Good, no one is here yet…except that big dude in the suit!


A stereotypical bodyguard, one with thick sunglasses, a black and white suit, a steroid induced body, that curly ear thing that goes down into you neck, and a smug attitude, stepped in front of Joe. "And just what are you expecting to do here?"


"Hide from duelists, is that to your disliking or something?"replied the slightly bored kid.


"Heh, in fact, it does. Let's duel about it!"the man smiled and out came a duel gun, which he opened up into a disk.


"You really can't do that. I'm sort of in a tournament-"


"I'm in it too!"


"What?!"Joe was caught off guard, but managed to activate his disk. This guy was a guard and a contestant!



BodyGuard: 8000

Joe: 8000


Dave strolled along, few people weren't playing. The others were too afraid to ask anyone. This worked to his favor. That was, until a moderately young kid jumped in front of him and dramatically pointed at him.


"YOUUUUUUUUU!!!! I challenge youuuuu!!!!!!!!" he shouted at Dave.




"Youuuuuuu heard me, because the fate of the world depends on my winning, hah!!!!!"


Of all the crazy people Dave could fight, he got the seven year old that had been exposed to way too much action shows. "I'll duel you once you take your medicine!" said Dave, readying his disk.


To the duelist's suprise(not really), the kid took it as a helpful tip and not an insult. The child took a bottle out of his pocket and took three pills out of it. After swallowing, he replied, "Okay. I am ready to commence the duel."



Dave: 8000

Pierre: 8000


Pierre looked at his cards. "I set one monster face-down. Now I activate Anger Counter. Each Stanby Phase, this card gets one counter placed on it. I also activate Stalling. I don't attack during my Battle Phase, and in return I get 2 counters placed on Anger Counter." Pierre only had two cards in his hand, yet he managed to use another, "Finally, I set a card. Your turn."


"My turn!" Dave drew his card for the turn, and activated one card. "I play Technology Pain Warrior!" After the words were uttered, a monster immediately sprang forth. It was a yellow soldier with futuristic technology covering all of its limbs. As it came forth, it brandished a blaster equipped to his left arm.


ATK: 400


"I don't know what's in that hand of yours, so I activate the card Warfare! It lets me take 300 point of damage. That damage is treated as battle damage."


"Are you on drugs or something?" asked Pierre, with nothing but a truthful question in his tone of voice.


"Just shut up and see what my Warriors can do." with that, Dave snapped a finger. The yellow wonder aimed his blaster at the opponent. After a good few seconds he released his shot. It wasn't your everyday laser beam. This one was blurry and almost computer-like. It passed over Pierre's monster and targeted his hand, discarding the remaining card.


"When I take battle damage while I control a certain Pain Warrior in attack mode, their effects activate…" sated Dave, "Technology Warrior's effect discards one random card from your hand. Now your card is open for attack without any interventions, besides your face-down, of course. Technology, attack!" The soldier's blaster transformed into a sword, and he rushed the face-down card.


DEF: 50


Dave signaled the end of his turn.


Dave: 7700

Pierre: 8000


"During my Standby Phase, my card Anger Counter gains one counter, giving me a total of three." declared Pierre. "Now I activate my trap, Saiyan Pride! I offer three counters from Anger Counter, and in return I can special summon one Sayain from my graveyard! I summon Saiyan - Fasha! And when she is special summoned I can draw an additional card!"


The opponent the warrior had destroyed earlier now faced him once more.


ATK: 50


"You have to be kidding me!" Dave stuttered, "Are these guys actually from?…"


"Yes, yes they are. Now, I activate the card known as Artificial Moon!" shouted the boy as a giant robotic moon loomed overhead. "It lets me tribute one Saiyan, and tribute it to special summon a "Great Ape" monster with the same name!"


Fasha let out a howl and transformed. The technological warrior of pain trembled at the beast's feet.


ATK: 500


"It's not over yet! I normal summon Nappa!" Pierre once more shouted as a bald warrior with armor similar to what Fasha's former self had appeared on the stage.


ATK: 150


"Fasha, attack!"


Dave gulped as his monster was blasted away. But this ape's ability kicked in, which added an addition counter to anger counter.


"Can things get any worse?" moaned Dave as the giant monkey bellowed in his face.


"Yes." informed his opponent. "Nappa gains 500 attack for each anger counter on the field." A fierce scream erupted as Nappa grew stronger through anger. He bullrushed Dave and swatted at him.


Dave: 6850


"You have some talent. But now I'm getting bored. I'm ending this duel right here, right now, kid."

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