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Forces of Darkness


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Monsters x20


brron, mad king of dark world x1

double coston x2

archfiend Soldier x2

dark blade x2

la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp x2

mystic tomato x2

shadowpriestess of ohm x1

sillva, warlord of dark world x1

legendary fiend x1

metabo globster x1

big eye x1

sangan x1

yubel x1

darknight parshath x1

the dark creator x1



Spells x15



dian keto the cure master x3

dark eruption x1

different dimension capsule x1

swords of revealing light x1

spell absorbtion x1

card of safe return x1

mystical space typhoon x1

fissure x1

creature swap x1

fires of doomsday x1

hand destruction x1

wave motion cannon x2



Traps x5



dark spirit art - greed x1

negate attack x1

sakuretsu armor x1

magic cylinder x1

compulsory evacuation device x1



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