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Over Growth. (Some cards from my set)


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Official Card Grammar, the way in which your effect is worded. If your effect is not worded as it would be on an official card, its considered to have OCG errors, it differs from Grammar errors though.


Here are some corrections to the basic errors you have produced;


Life Points





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Hey Organics. Tis me! *Scourge*

Well Nice cards! I'll try to help you with OCG,


In the first card, It's "Plant-Type monsters. *small error* you capitalized the "r" in Removed. Furthermore, Life Points is separate and is always capitalized.

The card should be a tribute because it has 2000 DEF so it won't be taken down easily and you gain 4000 LP.


Card 2:

I don't like the image but No OCG errors :)


Card 3: *the image is bordering on realistic*

I like how it's the opposite of White. Same error, capitalize the "T" in Type.


Card 4: *I skimmed through* #Needs a better Pic#

You don't to say stars after Level *capitalized*


Hope I helped and fantastic cards for a new member! Great Job. I hope to see more.

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