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Realistic Cards

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Dont you think these look realy cool.



Fire-burst tornado's effect:- For each fire type monster on the field, you can roll a dice or flip a coin, for a coin if you get heads then you get to destroy any monster, Spell or Trap on the field if it is tails than your opponant gets to special summon to there side of the field any monster in the graveyard, if you use a dice than, if you get an odd number then your opponant takes damage equil to 1 fire type monsters ATK poins, then summon 2 tokens of that monster with half the ATK points and half the DEF points. If its an even number you take damage equil to half 1 monsters ATK of your opponants choice. This card can only be acttivated in an attack ordered by your opponant. The attack is negated.



100% by me (cardlorda.j2)!!!!!!

Take a look now!!

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