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more cards!!!!!


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First card: Picture needs a background, and second of all I don't think a quick play type of card would be suited for it, a normal spell would do


2nd Card:You forgot the monsters in this post and it seems to be ok I guess for a fusion.


3rd Card: Controling your opponent's monster is a good thing but destroying them in 5 turns, not such a good effect, maybe if you say equiping this card to your opponents monster and in 5 turns that monster is immediatly destroyed, oh and one more thing it needs more colour for a background.


4th Card: This card seems to be ok I guess, but a better effect is needed, I get the idea, but heres one idea I'd say, equip this card to your opponents monster and in 5 turns, this card and your opponent's monster is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, also increase your Life points by half of your opponent's monsters ATK points. oh and it needs better background colour.

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