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Like, St. Joan OTK!!

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It took me about 20 seconds to come up with this. Okay...


(Note that you need 10 cards in your hand to do this)


1. Play Heavy Storm to get rid of your opponent's back field.


2. Play Lightning Vortex to get rid of your opponent's monsters.


3. Play Fusion Gate.


4. Use Fusion Gate's effect to discard and remove from play 3 Marie the Fallen Ones and 3 Forgiving Maidens.


5. Fusion Summon 3 St. Joans from your Fusion Deck.


6. Attack for like, 8400 damage!!!!!!!


So, what do you guys think? Imma make a deck around this and try and get passed the semi-finals in locals next week, because I lost to some Crystal Beasts this time (freakin' Abundance). :D

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I guess that would reduce the combo down from 10 cards to 8. Actually 9 because you need to tribute a monster for Catapult Turtle. Unless you use Cost Down on Catapult Turtle while it's in your hand. (wait' date=' then it would still be a 9 card combo. Oh well, better than a 10 card combo :P)



the bear is better

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1 Mother Grizzly

1 Fusion Gate

1 Heavy Storm

1 Lightning Vortex

2 The Forgiving Maiden

2 Marie the Fallen One


= 8 cards


And then I'd only do 5600 damage instead of 8400. Unless I'm missing something in this top-tier OTK.


After attacking, tribute both St. Joans for Catapult Turtle's effect.

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Oh' date=' right. Stupid me. But you didn't include Catapult Turtle in the list above.[/quote']


What do you think Mother Grizzly is for?


For lulz' date=' would it be possible to actually make a deck around this?


It would be possible, but it's an 8-card combo, which makes it officially inferior to Exodia.

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