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Soldier Cards


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Earth/Soldier/Effect/LV 1

ATK:100 DEF:200

FLIP:Look at 1 card in opponents Hand. When this card is in your Graveyard, remove it from Play. When this card is removed from play, take 1 Soldier-type monster from your Deck.


Glock Soldier

Earth/Soldier/Effect/LV 2

ATK:300 DEf:200

FLIP:Toss a coin. If you get Heads, destroy 1 monster on the Field.


Grenade Launcher

Earth/Soldier/Effect/LV 2

ATK:500 DEF:0

FLIP: Opponent randomly discard 2 cards from his Hand.



Earth/Soldier/Effect/LV 3

ATK:0 DEF: 0

FLIP: Destroy attacking monster.


4 Basic Spells & Traps


Fast Reload

Quick Spell

You cna activate this card when Soldier-type monster is flipped up. Its Flip effect can be activated 2 times.




Place 1 Soldier-Type monster from your Hand in face-down Defense Position on your side of the Field.



Field Spell

Each Soldier-Type monster with less than 300 ATK, cannot be destroyed in Battle.


Hide Again


Flip one monster on your side of the Field in face-down Defense Position.




Jungle #2 - Hiding Place

Field Spell

Each turn, when 2 or more Soldier-Type monster was destroyed in Battle, add one Spell or Trap card from your Graveyard to your Hand.



Equip Spell

Equipped monster cannot be destroyed in Battle for 2 turns.

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