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the jedi king sword (made myself)


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i know i kinda suck at making lightsabers i will get better in time. and you all might know theres no background every time i putted a background it makes the pic a little messy.


the reason its called the sword of the jedi king is cause of the sword handel. heres a list of colors if you want to make a lightsaber


yellow-jedi padawan

blue-jedi guradian

green-jedi counslar

purpe-jedi sentinel


dark red-sith master

orange-rouge sith




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pretty good 8/10 :)


thanx dude :D


i wil make a tutorial on how to make a lightsaber if you want


i know theres no background i tried to put a background on my pics it just makes the pics a little messy. so i need to know how to combine a background with the pic using paint.net

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Give the picture a background or private message me to find you another one' date=' besides that the card isn't bad at all. ^_^




thanx dude :D i saw the pics you gave me i had plans for those pics to make them into cards and putted them in the realistic card section


i will make a better lightsaber.


all i need to know is how to put a pic with background on paint.net

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