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Here's my deck


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Well, this is my *UPDATED, TOURNAMENT LEGAL* deck currently:


Synchro monsters:


Black winged dragon(most powerful)


Effect monsters:


Emes the infinity

Blackwing - Shura the blue flame

Blackwing - Kalut the moon shadow

Psychic jumper

D.D. Assaliant

Dark resonator

Darkblaze dragon

Felgrand dragon

Green gadget

Guardian angel joan

Herald of creation

Kaiser sea horse (x2)

Majestic mech - goryu

Mirage dragon

Morphing jar

Dharic the dark charmer

Search striker

The creator

The creator incarnate

Tyrant dragon


Trap cards:

Call of the haunted

Defense draw

Draining shield

Winstorm of etaqua

Synchro deflector

Magic jammer

Sakuretsu armor (x2)


Trap hole


Magic cards:

Forbidden graveyard (x2)


A wingbeat of a giant draon

The fountain in the sky

Brain control

Heavy storm

Lightning vortex

Mystical space typhoon

Pot of avarice


Remove trap

swords of revealing light

The shallow grave


Well that's my (UPDATED AND TOURNAMENT LEGAL) deck currently, Now under the 50 card limit, and now tounament legal according to the new banned/limited lists, you can check the Official yugioh banned and limited lists to be sure if you want. I would've listed my current fusion deck but i only have the fusion material for one fusion monster, I've also not included any ritual monsters i have, because i don't have any ritual spell cards yet...


Sorry if I'm bumping but this listing really needed an update, but anyways what do you guys think of my updated deck, please feel free to share your thoughts, BTW don't give me criticism unless it's constructive criticism please, other than that feel free to comment anytime!

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