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Pics: 7/10 (First Rate, save for Lenalee and maybe Lavi, fix them up and it'll be much better)

Names: 7/10 (Alright, but can't say very original)

Card Power:Level Ratio: 4/10 (Your really overreaching this one, LV 6w/ 2600 ATK? You don't even have any DEF cutbacks! Though you do have base consistency I'll give you that much)

Monster Effects: 6/10 (I can see where it comes from, but I don't think I like the whole kills any/all Fiends/Zombies effects. I mean, there are Akuma even they can't always handle, am I not right? Unless you're planning to include Akuma monsters that aren't necessarily affected by this, I can't say it's very realistic. Otherwise the other, card-personalized effect are fairly well done)

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