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Hey! Double L here.

Double L

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Hello everybody, I'm fairly new to these forums, i know i have only just signed up but i knew about these forums for a fairly long time. :D


Well my name is Luke but you can just call me L, I'm from England, London and I'm 11 years old, i hope to meet many new friends here on these forums and amaze you with my talent of card making (all my friends said my cards are brilliant), i will hopefully post my first card tonight but that is no guarantee.


So this is me, L, hi.

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Hey I live in England and am 10 years old and welcome to YCM.

I will amaze you with my skill


Hey MCR, i guess your a big fan of My Chemical Romance, well i think they are a great band. ^_^

Where abouts do you live in England?

I'm glad I'm already meeting friends. :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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