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David Blaze

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I have a question... When you have a card that mentions another card in it's affect do you use quotes on it?


For example, My custom spell card "It's K Time!"


Speacial Summon 5 Monsters to your side of the Field with "Kaiba" in it's name. This includes Kaibaman, but doesn't include K-1: Kaibazord (Warrior Mode).


Would Kaibaman & Kaibazord (Warrior Mode) both be in quotes are not?

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It would be like this (...Special Summon 5 monsters to your side of the field that have "Kaiba" in their card name...)

What's a K-1: Kaibazord?


A K-1 Kaibazord is one of my custom cards in the works. I came up withthe idea to make a set of Kaiba-based heroes. You can say its almost a prodogy of the old school MMPR & their Megazord.

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