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Dios-Priest Seto Guardian

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level 7






card effect:


1. It can destroy 1 card on the field and weaken it's ATK by 600 points, this can only be used once.


2. It can attack up to 2 monsters that are adjacent to each other.


3.it has that ability to inflict damage even if the monsters attack is in defense mode and forces the opposing player to discard 1 card when it inflicts damage.


ah it's a rough idea give suggestions, i'm trying to make concept effects based on abilities it had on the show,since it was never made into a card I coming up with effects this way.

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you cant make it adjacent on the field, its just not right,what if you want to attack two monsters on the field but they on different sides?what if you not putting them on field and you just using a digi device that lets you see what monsters you have on the field?

just dont sound right to me

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