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Brimstone Behemoth


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Artist: m2mazzara

Link to Art: behemoth



When "Brimstone Behemoth" would normally deal Battle Damage to your opponent, even if it was originally only 100 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points or so, it is instead changed to the amount of damage the opponent would receive if this card had attacked directly.



I intended on using both meanings of the word Brimstone for this card. Aside from that, I was always curious of: what would be the effect for a card that was a quasi-direct attacker? So I came up with this effect, but then I realized, of course their would be the fact that their would be OCG issues no doubt when I post this card so I gave it a special ruling.


Enjoy :)

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Mmm, wouldn't it be just as easy to say "When "Brimstone Behemoth" deals Battle Damage to your opponent, it is treated as the amount the opponent would receive if this card had attacked directly."


Or am I missing something?


Either way, I think it's a very nice card, good concept, perhaps a bit overpowered, however. Just barely, I'd say.




EDIT: Oh, my, my, my. I took the "Ruling" to be the effect, and judged it from that. Now that I've read the card's context, it's blatantly broken.


It was a good idea, but I'm sorry, it's quite overpowered. Still, good job.



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That cards way too broken sorry!


Your monster has;

3000 ATK

No summoning condition or restrictions

Cant be weakened

Cant be Trapped

Its damage inflicting ability is in a class of its own

Negates Monster Effects


Now compare to other cards;

[Jinzo] Negates Traps [Cant be trapped] Only has 2400 ATK [1 effect] and got limited for a long time.


[Wildheart] Negates Traps [Cant be trapped] Only has 1500 ATK [1 effect]


[Ancient Gear Golem] Negates Traps and Spells [Cant be trapped] Has the same ATK. Cant be Special Summoned. Does piercing damage.


[Dark Ruler Ha Des] Negates Monster Effects. Has 2450 ATK [1 effect]


[Dark Lucius LV8] Negates Monster Effects but only if Special Summoned by Dark Lucius LV6. Only has 2800. Removes monsters from play.


The other 2 effects [Cant be weakened, and always doing 3000 damage] are in a class of their own. Theres nothing to compare them to.

I can put it in another way and say it like this: "Increase the ATK of this monster by 3000 when attacking a face-up Attack Position monster on your opponent's side of the field, until the end of the damage step..."


If I put it in that sense which is similar, then I can compare it to [injection Fairy Lily] who can boost her ATK but at a high cost, and its ATK is low. There are others but I think you get the point.


Not having a summoning condition really tops of the cheapness/brokenness of your monster.


Id say back to the drawing board. You have nice ideas but its too extreme. If it was 1400-1700 ATK without negating traps then Id rethink about my opinion of your monster.

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