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Strong warrior contest(It's OVER, winners announced)


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Rules: You must make atleast 1 Warrior type monster with a level of 6 and up.


I rate:







1st.4 reps

2nd.2 reps

3rd.5 pts


Contest ends March 12th

You don't have to pay any points to enter anymore


1.Dejhad- 7.5/10(Kinda boring card but it's good)

2.anomu13- 9.55/10(Great Effects)

3.Da Pokemon Lord- 9.5/10(Great OCG)

4.ChronosCrowler- 8/10(Meh)

5.yugiohmaster1993- 8.25/10(Good)

6.magicazn- 8.26/10(Pretty good)

7.Card Maker Shinigami- 8.75/10(Great)

8.terrorblazer- 7.75/10(Meh)

9.harckensaw- 9/10(Creative)

10.hunterb- 8.80/10



2nd: Da Pokemon Lord


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oh sweet, here's a good one of mine...




[align=center]You may change the attribute of this card during your Stanby-Phase your turn. This card gains the following effects depending on this card's current attribute.

FIRE: Increase the Atk of this card by 500.

EARTH: Increase the Def of this card by 700.

WATER: Select 1 spell card from either you's or your opponent's Graveyard and place it in your hand.

WIND: Select 1 trap card in either your's or your opponent's Graveyard and place it in your hand.

DARK: Special Summon 1 "Dark Element Dragon" to your side of the field, increase this card's and "Dark Element Dragon"'s Atk and Def by 800.

LIGHT: Remove 1 "Dark Element Dragon" from your hand, Graveyard, field, or deck from play. Increase this card's Atk and Def by 100 for each DARK monster card in your Graveyard. This card is removed from play during the end phase of the turn this effect is activated.[/align]


attached file is Dark Element Dragon


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